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Krav Maga Near Me

Krav Maga Near Me

Krav Maga Academy and Studio near XXX

krav maga near me

Krav Maga Classes Near XXX

Krav Maga training classes are sprouting up all over the United States and we have put together a directory for you to find one near you in XXX.  Please click here to find your nearest Krav Maga training class.  If you do not see one in your area please send an email to everydaykravmaga@gmail.com and let us find and locate one in your area!

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Why Learn Krav Maga?

Total Body Workout: 

Unlike going to the gym and only lifting weights, or maybe only running on the treadmill.  Martial Arts such as Krav Maga are a full body workout.  When you are in a typical one hour class, you are going to go over a certain technique and situation and than you are going to practice it and than you are going to get into a full on work out.  Whether you are training with a  partner or the other people in the class or you are doing cardio and strength training.  Your mind is getting a stretch as well.  While learning something that is not only beneficial to your well being and your mind you are also going to be training your body.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Training and working out is a healthy life style change.  You are going to not only be excercicing your mind and body.   But your social skills as well.  You are going to be around people who want the same thing as you do.  To learn a martial art as well as attain a goal.

Self Confidence:

If you are new to learning martial arts your self confidence is going to get a huge boost.  When you feel good about yourself you are just going to feel good in every other aspect.  Sometimes people feel as if they can not do something just because THEY think they can not.  Learning a martial art is going to help you over come those fears and help you feel like you can accomplish anything in the world.


many people can not focus.  Or have the inability to focus and blame it on external forces.  Sometimes all you need is a little guidance.  Everyone needs a mentor for one thing or another.  A martial art such as Krav Maga is going to help guide you to a better you.  You are going to see much clearer and be able to focus on the need and now as well as think about the future in a much more clearer state of mind.

Better Mood:

There is plenty of research that shows that and martial art like Krav Maga is is great mood changer.  Everything effects mood.  A better mood leads to a better you.  Imagine how good you will feel when your body feels good, your mind feels good, as well as your diet.  Mentally and Physically you are going to be a much better person than you were before.  But like al good things it takes work.  You won’t get there over night and you won’t get there within a couple classes.  This is a martial arts and it takes time o get there.  I Would not be surprised if you were to find yourself noticing changes in the first couple weeks.  Feeling better and seeing opportunity wherever it strikes.

What is Krav Maga?

krav maga self defense training

Krav Maga (pronounced “krahv mahGAH”) is an effective, modern, and dynamic self-defense and fighting system. It is designed to be practical and intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size. The techniques expand on your natural instincts to develop skills quickly and effectively, while enabling you to address attacks under any scenario.

Krav Maga is a pure self defense and striking system. There are no competitions or showcases for self defense scenarios. We train in Krav Maga to help us avoid and survive the worst case scenarios. If someone is threatening your life, we train on how to avoid that scenario to begin with, and if it is already beyond the point of no return, we are trained to use the most effective strikes and techniques to prevail, while under extreme stress. There are no elaborate choreographies nor absolutes. There are no uniforms and no traditions. We do not train in Krav Maga to start fights or show off. We train to save our own lives and the lives of our loved ones. As quoted by the founder Imi Litchenfeld, we train in Krav Maga “so that one may walk in peace.”

Where Did Krav Maga Come From?

where did krav maga come from

While Krav Maga may seem revolutionary, its amazing influence has been changing lives for almost 100 years. Since the 1930s, Krav Maga has been used as an effective and powerful self-defense system. This martial art was originally a form of Israeli self-defense, created by Imi Lichtenfeld in order to help members of the Jewish community protect themselves from brutal Nazi forces.

Krava Maga is a self defense technique that originated from the Isreali Special forces and is now the most sought after self defense technique sweeping the nation.  Krav Maga employs how you should approach a situation that may seem aggressive and if the situation were to escalate, how you deal with the person or people in front of you. While protecting yourself and the people around you.

Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques

krav maga defense training female

Krav Maga is all about self defense.  Even though the martial art is about how to subdue your opponent in the least amount of moves possible (like most martial arts) it is also about how to see a situation before it happens.  To try and avoid any sort of physical conflict.  Remember fighting someone with your body, especially when you know a martial art is the last thing you want to do.  Defending yourself and your family is the most important thing to anyone, but being able to avoid those situations is a much better technique.  However if you are in need of physical altercation than this art form is going to help you deal with it as fast as possible so that you and anyone around you can be safe.

Top 5 Krav Maga Youtube Channels

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If you have a suggestion for a Youtube Channel that we should show case please send an email to.   everydaykravmaga@gmail.com